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Competitive prices and uncompromised performance

Based in East Yorkshire, we purchased a brand new 19kg washing machine from the leading suppliers in equine laundry equipment. We have sought the best premises for the job and ONLY wash and re-proof in the leading brand "Nikwax".

Everything is fully owned, from vehicles to the washer, enabling us to provide very competitive prices.

Once you have contacted us we will arrange a collection day to suit you. We then come and pick up your rugs and carefully tag them for easy identification. We then wash your rugs to the manufacturers recommended instructions using only the leading brand “Nikwax”.

Your rugs are washed in our large 19kg commercial washing machine that has been programmed to give the best results on all types of horse rug, even heavily soiled items. In addition, we can reproof your turnout rugs to make sure your horse remains dry and comfortable.

We then air dry the rugs to ensure the rug keeps its natural shape and no shrinking occurs. Once the rugs are dry they are carefully folded, wrapped up and returned back to you as good as new!

We work efficiently and guarantee to return your rugs within 7 working days.


"I would just like to say that I am grateful for the service that you provide for both myself and all my customers.

We leave you bags full of horrendously filthy, tattered and torn Rugs of all sizes, which you then whisk away and return them like new!!!

It has made life so easy for me to have them collected in batches as we need and that you then return them a week later.


Up till now dirty, no longer needed rugs have been quite a problem.....I struggle to find the time to take them where ever....not a problem anymore!

Many thanks for this service. I am now a devotee!!

Well done and keep it up....please!!"

Melanie Watson - Instinctive Horse Training.

"Just wanted to say a massive thank you for our lovely clean rugs. Kay goes out of her way to provide a quick, easy, friendly & reliable service for her customers and all of the rugs look like brand new. Would definitely recommend her to anyone. Thanks."

"Just to say thank you, my rugs look lovely and clean, I will definitely use your service again, so much easier than taking them to be cleaned, and will definitely recommend your service to anyone wanting their rugs cleaning."

Clare Tidyman - Skidby

"Just a quick line to say what a lovely friendly service you provided when cleaning my rugs - they came back beautifully clean and fresh. A well communicated easy service was provided - my pony will look and smell cool in his clean pj's !!

Thanks again Heather"